Employee Engagement

Aug 7

The Red e App Rx: Healing Broken Communication

Red e App Rx – Find the Cure! đź’Šđź©ş

Communication headaches got you down? Worried about fractured comms?🤒🤕

We take a page from doctors and ask the key question – “Where does it hurt?” – to diagnose your comms and offer precise solutions. đźš‘đź’¬

Trust us, we’ve got the remedy to keep your team connected and thriving!

Jun 12

From Lost in Translation to All-in Communication: Ensuring Every Employee Gets the Memo

In the fast-paced world of business, effective internal communication is the backbone of success. However, there is a widespread problem that plagues almost every company, one that often goes unnoticed and unaddressed. How can we ensure that important information reaches every employee? This dilemma is particularly prevalent in industries where a majority of workers are not desk-bound, such as manufacturing, retail, restaurants, and hospitality. Fortunately, there’s a solution that tackles this overlooked issue head-on: Red e App. The Chaos of . . .

Jun 6

How The Mirage Increased its Employee Engagement 190%

At Red e App, we’ve had the privilege of working closely with various frontline organizations, witnessing firsthand the transformative power of recognition in driving employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity in their frontline workforce. Through our extensive experience, we’ve discovered a common motivation shared by both managers and frontline workers: the desire to not only perform excellent work but also be acknowledged and appreciated for their contributions.   The Impact of Employee Recognition on Employee Engagement   But how exactly does . . .

Mar 22

What We Mean by Employee Adoption and Engagement

Employee adoption and engagement are key factors contributing to any organization’s success. These factors have become increasingly important in today’s workplace as organizations face the challenge of retaining top talent in a highly competitive labor market. At Red e App, we work to create meaningful connections between managers, companies, and their non-desk employees. We have spent the past ten years building a mobile communication and engagement platform designed specifically around the unique needs and work habits of non-desk employees, who . . .

Feb 21

Feeds and Channels: 2 Things That Won’t Engage Your Dynamic Mobile Workforce

Organizations must keep their non-desk workers connected and informed in today’s fast-paced work environment. A non-desk worker is a person who works outside of a traditional office without a computer and requires a mobile communication solution to create connection and engagement. Who Are Non-Desk Workers? These workers are often involved in manual labor, operating machinery, providing patient care, or working with customers. The nature of their work requires them to be highly focused, and any distractions or irrelevant information could lead to a decrease . . .

Jan 30

Employee surveys, the good, the bad, and the amazing fact that everybody lies. 6 ways to discover employee sentiment.

Employee surveys are one of many ways to gauge employee engagement and satisfaction. But how reliable can insights gained by this process about employee well-being possibly be if what Seth Stephens-Davidowitz’s book “Everybody Lies” says is true? People lie on employee surveys. Sometimes your employees may respond with a small lie; other times, they respond with a big lie. Sometimes they aren’t even aware of the fact they are lying. According to survey experts, 50% of people are not truthful in . . .

Jan 4

What is employee experience and why it matters?

Employee experience refers to an employee’s overall experience while working for an organization, including their interactions with coworkers, the company culture, the physical work environment, and the company’s policies and practices. It encompasses all aspects of an employee’s time with an organization, from when they first hear about the company to when they leave (either voluntarily or involuntarily). Good employee experience as reported by Gallup can lead to higher levels of employee satisfaction and engagement, leading to increased productivity, better . . .