Be Ready for the Unexpected and Manage Operational Risk.

Unplanned interruptions to your business can range from mildly disruptive to catastrophic. Having a plan and systems in place to ensure business continuity is a critical part of any sustainable operating model. As the frontline becomes increasingly connected to the organizational tech stack, risk of malware attacks also rises. 

The Workrede platform provides the enterprise with a cost-effective, secure, compliant and standalone network within which business can get done, even when other systems fail. Access and permissions for all features and functionality within the Workrede platform automatically update for every employee change that occurs, giving peace of mind when running your business.

Take the stress out of continuity planning with Workrede.

When you have crews spread out on multiple job sites and in some cases, over multiple states, you need to be able to communicate information in a timely manner. Workrede, gives us the ability to minimize the distances and communicate with everyone at one time. It has helped us maintain our culture of Safety and Quality because issue can be avoided or addressed before things happen. This has been an invaluable tool for our operation.” – Tim Ernst, HR Director