Unlock the power of your mobile workforce and maximize efficiency and productivity for your employees on the floor.

It has never been more important to manufacturing companies to increase employee retention, lower turnover, build connections with and improve frontline worker morale.

Here’s how you might use Workrede:

  • Access to Information: Give manufacturing employees instant access to important information such as work instructions, product specifications, safety procedures, and quality standards.
  • Real-Time Communication: Offer real-time communication among manufacturing team members, supervisors, and other stakeholders. This facilitates quick problem-solving, coordination of tasks, and collaboration on projects.
  • Automated Heuristics and Data Share: Automatically send productivity reports on widgets per hour to supervisors and leadership as well as trigger instant alerts for time-critical actions needed, i.e. when a line goes down.
  • Quality Control: Capture and document quality control data, such as inspections, tests, and audits. Employees can record observations, take photos, and input data directly into the app, improving accuracy and traceability.
  • Training and Onboarding: Deliver training materials, instructional videos, and quizzes to manufacturing employees, facilitating ongoing learning and skill development. New hires can also use the app for onboarding tasks and orientation.
  • Employee Engagement: By incorporating features such as employee recognition and feedback channels you can enhance employee engagement and foster a positive work culture within the manufacturing organization.


“Not being at the right place at the right time is costly. A no-show due to communication issues could cost $500-$600 an hour, with a larger job costing closer to $2500-$3000 per hour. If we have to stop a job, it can cost us thousands of dollars, and Workrede has played a huge role in finding a solution. Previously, communicating changes required individual texts or calls to everyone on a job. Now we can send a single message in Workrede and reach everyone in seconds.”

– Lisa Neal, VP Environmental Health & Safety

Minimize crisis risk in all situations

Workrede lets you broadcast key alerts to your entire organization, and especially to your mobile workforce, so everyone is aware of security threats, lockdowns, contamination, and other risks.

By empowering your entire workforce to have reference documents for crisis procedures in their pockets with easy-access files and content, you reach your people who are at work — as well as those who are off-site or at home. You know that everyone knows not to report to work, or what on-site actions to take if a situation is unsafe.