We understand your non-desk employee communication needs and challenges.

You depend on frontline workers. Depend on us to get and keep them engaged and connected with our employee engagement app.

From hospitality to construction to senior living and healthcare, Workrede empowers employee communication uniquely designed for the non-desk workforce, no matter the industry. We create meaningful connection and employee engagement that helps retain your employees while providing a communication platform that they will trust and rely on to help them improve the quality of their job and the product or service they deliver.


Ensure compliance, improve patient care, and mitigate risk — from health systems to in-home care to aging care communities.

Casinos & Gaming

Increase the odds of company success by connecting and empowering everyone on your team.


Keep frontline workers informed on everything from safety to training to new SOPs, and get valuable feedback.


Eliminate delays and avoid costly mistakes by facilitating communication with every on-the-job worker, pushing out and gathering data in real time.


Deliver communication to your fleet or just one person. Cut delays and improve on-time delivery with streamlined, coordinated, and tracked changes.


Improve guest experiences, expedite customer service, and streamline shift exchanges and schedules with a total mobile communications suite.

Industry Partners

For more than a decade, companies have depended on Workrede to simplify access to their employees. We are proud to serve these innovative companies and deliver transformational business outcomes that positively impact their bottom lines.