Employee Engagement

Secure communication to all employees -including those without a company email.

Improve operational efficiency and reduce turnover with targeted, media-rich messaging.

Employee engagement is proven to boost employee morale, increase retention, raise productivity, and improve profitability.

At Workrede, we create a single point of access for all mobile employees and deliver a broad set of human capital tools and services. Customers can curate highly targeted communication that drives strong employee and employer connection.

Internal Communication Strategy

From broad announcements to granular, personal messages, our platform can handle all of your internal communications needs. Reach your team members with timely, relevant, and engaging internal communications.

Here are just a few examples.

  • Company announcements and employee milestones
  • Manager-to-team group communications by role, location, shift, or skill set
  • Emergency and crisis coordination
  • Guaranteed accountability with “message read” receipts
  • Operational and safety training videos
  • Personalized benefits and pay communications
  • New hire journey process and automation
  • New policy sign-offs in real time
  • Relevant, job code based shift communication and swapping
  • Open enrollment notifications and tracking

Did something get sent by mistake? Retract It.

It happens. Someone sends out information that’s wrong or inappropriate. Workrede allows the administrator or user to retract that communication. It’s pulled from other employees’ devices, while maintaining a record of it for the administrator and original sender.