About Us

Relentlessly dedicated to closing the massive gap that’s existed forever between the desk world and the mobile world.

Workrede is a global leader in mobile workforce productivity and engagement. We enable digital efficiencies that strengthen human participation and cooperation. Innovation is driven by decades of hands-on experience and deep industry learnings that instill trust in all customer, partner and user relationships.

We are committed to growing and transforming connectivity for the individuals, organizations and communities we serve.

The Workrede Team

Jonathan Erwin


Jonathan Erwin, Founder and CEO of Workrede, has pioneered w...

Justin Rudwell

Chief Ecosystem Officer

Justin Rudwell, Chief Ecosystem Officer for Workrede, is res...

Patrick Goodman

Chief Technology Officer

Patrick Goodman, Chief Technology Officer at Workrede, is a ...

Taylor Phillips

Chief Administrative Officer

Taylor Phillips, Chief Administrative Officer for Workrede, ...

Chris Krebs

Vice President of Engineering

Christopher Krebs, a seasoned computer scientist and former ...

Erika Brown

Director of Marketing & Communications

Erika Brown, Director of Marketing & Communications, is ...

Leslie Erwin Dover

Director of Customer Success

Leslie Erwin Dover, Director of Customer Success, brings a w...

Reid Hafer

Director of Product Marketing

Reid Hafer is an experienced and successful marketer with ov...

Derek Drayer

Director of Finance

Derek has been working at Workrede for 4 years as the Direct...

Our Ethos


Our energy is focused solely on delivering value and strategic solutions to our markets, customers, and each other.


We research and apply world-class technology solutions that break down workplace barriers, champion the frontline, and continuously improve our customer’s bottom line.


We are an empowered workforce that welcomes diversity of thought, and we approach every interaction by leveraging our personal strengths in an accountable and respectful manner.


We are relentless in our dedication to Workrede’s mission and we approach all work with the grit required to drive sustainable results.


We maximize our potential by ensuring we bring our best selves, both mentally and physically, to our daily interactions.