Document Management

Reduce excess calls to HR, workarounds, and duplicate copies.

Empower mobile employees with seamless access to important materials and documents.

Reduce excess calls to HR, workarounds, and duplicate copies.

From training and benefits to documents and forms, keep every mobile employee connected and engaged. Grant secure access with employee file management for documents, policies, procedures, and ongoing training materials that are mission-critical.

Our Attach and Extend API Framework makes sharing documents simple and secure… and the Workrede serves as your digital front door. Now, instead of digging around on a bulky Sharepoint, everything your employee might need can be accessible in the palm of their hands.

What are some of the items you might share with employees?

  • Employee handbooks and SOP guides
  • Work schedules
  • Training manuals and videos
  • Safety checklists
  • Employee recognition
  • Intranet links
  • Benefits documents and wellness information
  • Emergency procedures and training
  • Internal job openings
  • Hotlines and contact lists
  • Diversity campaigns
  • PTO requests
  • Contact information changes
  • Suggestion box

Forms and Surveys

Enable your employees to complete digital forms while you streamline your workflows and create digital archives. Use the data from completed forms to understand trends, generate business insights, and improve operations.

“Formstack has helped us streamline and standardize the way that we send, receive, and interpret data. It has changed the way we look at equipment utilization and allowed us to make more efficient decisions from an operations standpoint.” – Mark Cain, Operations Coordinator, Edwards Moving & Rigging