Engagement for the Frontline. It’s Different for Everyone.

How do you drive engagement for the frontline? Is it a solid paycheck, recognition, communication, or alignment with an organization’s purpose? Truth is, the path to engagement is different for everyone, but the “what” is the same. Engagement is an individual’s commitment and alignment of purpose from feeling seen, heard, empowered, and supported by the organization.

Workrede enables engagement by creating a meaningful connection at the level of the individual by delivering always relevant content, work tools and services to a single access point. Whether it is highly targeted communication, resources available at your finger tips, or digital processes that encourage participation, the Workrede experience is a proven and inclusive way to increase employee engagement. 

Discover new levels of engagement never before seen across your frontline.

The foundation of any good business is the people that you put inside it. (At Hard Rock) we really focus on driving team member engagement, making it fun, inviting, and easy place to work. If nobody is engaged or wants to be there, you aren’t going to have a successful company. You’d be surprised how many people have worked for a company where they don’t know what’s going on. That gap in communication doesn’t exist here, thanks to Workrede.” – Devin Francz, Training and Engagement Manager, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Sacramento