Analytics & Insights

Seamlessly track, measure, and modify for greater impact.

Mobile cloud-enabled data for insight into manager effectiveness and communication engagement.

Make data-driven decisions

Take control by tracking your communication trends. Workrede workforce analytics give your organization insight into optimal send dates, times, and which messages are resonating within your workforce. Go beyond basic top-down messaging statistics that most internal communications platforms provide. Now, you can gain insights at a truly granular level — learn what’s happening with group communication and see which teams have the highest communication activity and engagement, and ultimately better performance.

Analytics in Workrede help you track the impact of your communications, employee engagement levels, and effective manager communications. You can even gain key insights into employee turnover trends and start building workflows in Workrede to improve retention.

“Workrede has certainly provided the ability to make business processes more efficient and bring data and insights into those processes through its relationship with Formstack.” -Matt Buchanan, EVP