Improve the overall quality of care provided to patients while supporting the needs of healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals in settings such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes maximize their outputs when they leverage the power of mobile.

Expedite patient care on every shift, in every unit

Whether your team is all in a single building, or spread across a region, reaching a staff member in real time provides instant value to every patient. Now, you can notify caregivers instantly with changes to a patient’s health or treatment plan.

Eliminate unnecessary steps and ensure caregivers have the most up-to-date information. Here’s how you might leverage Workrede:

Shift Scheduling

Enable managers to create and publish shift schedules, allowing employees to view their upcoming shifts, swap shifts with coworkers, and request time off.

Communication Tools

Incorporate messaging functionality for direct communication among healthcare team members, including physicians, nurses, therapists, and non-clinical staff.

Care Coordination

Facilitate seamless care coordination among multidisciplinary teams by enabling healthcare employees to collaborate on care plans, share updates, and communicate transitions of care.

Patient Education and Resources

Offer educational materials, health resources, and discharge instructions for patients and their families. Healthcare employees can share information and provide support for self-management and follow-up care.

Critical Alerts and Notifications

Enable healthcare employees to receive critical alerts, emergency notifications, and alarms for important events such as code blue, rapid response, or patient emergencies.

Training and Education

Offer access to training modules, continuing education courses, and certification programs relevant to healthcare roles.

Minimize crisis risk in all situations.

Workrede lets you broadcast key alerts to your entire organization, and especially to your mobile workforce, so everyone is aware of security threats, lockdowns, contamination, and other risks.

By empowering your entire workforce to have reference documents for crisis procedures in their pockets with easy-access files and content, you reach your people who are at work — as well as those who are off-site or at home. You know that everyone knows not to report to work, or what on-site actions to take if a situation is unsafe.