How The Mirage Increased its Employee Engagement 190%

At Red e App, we’ve had the privilege of working closely with various frontline organizations, witnessing firsthand the transformative power of recognition in driving employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity in their frontline workforce.

Through our extensive experience, we’ve discovered a common motivation shared by both managers and frontline workers: the desire to not only perform excellent work but also be acknowledged and appreciated for their contributions.


The Impact of Employee Recognition on Employee Engagement


But how exactly does cultivating a culture of recognition fuel employee engagement? To gain deeper insights, we recently engaged in a conversation with one of our newest partners in the hospitality industry, The Mirage in Las Vegas. Their commitment to building a culture of recognition has yielded remarkable results, and we eagerly delved into the key aspects of their journey.

Digitizing employee recognition emerged as a crucial component for The Mirage. Recognizing the diverse demographics within its workforce, the company took great care to ensure accessibility and ease of use. They recognized that while some employees may prefer traditional pen-and-paper methods, others are more technologically inclined.

Prior to their collaboration with Red e App, The Mirage had employed a different platform for employee recognition. However, they encountered certain limitations that hindered the smooth flow of recognition within the organization. The need to promptly transmit recognition up the chain of command often faced obstacles, resulting in delays and missed opportunities.


Easy to Use Forms are a Game Changer for Easy Employee Recognition


The Mirage’s success story is not an isolated case. Across industries, organizations are recognizing the importance of embracing digital solutions to enhance employee recognition. By leveraging mobile platforms like Red e App, companies can empower their workforce to provide timely and meaningful recognition, regardless of their location or role within the organization. The ability to complete and submit recognition forms directly from mobile devices streamlines the process, eliminates delays, and ensures that employees feel valued and appreciated in real-time. This level of accessibility and efficiency has a profound impact on employee morale, motivation, and overall engagement. As more organizations embrace the digital transformation of recognition programs, the positive ripple effects on culture, productivity, and retention become undeniable.

With the integration of Red e App, The Mirage introduced a game-changer — the Forms feature within our app. This enhancement revolutionized the way employees recognized their colleagues, empowering them to effortlessly complete and submit recognition Forms directly from their mobile devices.

The core objective of The Mirage’s employee recognition program has always been to acknowledge specific behaviors that contribute to creating a luxurious experience for hotel guests. By leveraging Red e App, not only did the program become more convenient and seamless for frontline workers, but it also afforded leadership the opportunity to analyze outcomes and evaluate their impact on both employee and guest satisfaction.

In May we spoke with Krista Clar, the HR Manager at Las Vegas Hard Rock Mirage, who enthusiastically shared the impressive results they achieved: “With the previous platform, the Mirage was only connected and communicating to about 30% of their employees, thanks to Red e App we now have 87% engagement! This has allowed us to significantly improve the employee experience for our team members here at the Mirage. So if you’re looking to improve company-wide engagement with your workforce (including frontline & non-desk staff), look no further than Red e app. Trust us, the results will be amazing!”

Krista further highlighted the transformative effect of our mobile platform, emphasizing that employees are now engaging with and recognizing their colleagues across different departments. This level of interdepartmental engagement, vital for a frontline workforce operating in multiple divisions, can only be achieved through a versatile mobile platform like Red e App. And the numbers speak for themselves!

By embracing digital tools and fostering a culture of recognition, organizations like The Mirage have experienced firsthand the profound impact on employee engagement, satisfaction, and overall performance. So, whether you’re seeking to enhance engagement company-wide, including your frontline and non-desk staff, Red e App stands ready to deliver incredible results. Join us in the journey of revolutionizing your organization’s recognition practices, and witness the astounding transformation for yourself!