Feeds and Channels: 2 Things That Won’t Engage Your Dynamic Mobile Workforce

Feeds and channels
Delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time, without the distractions found in feeds and channels.

Organizations must keep their non-desk workers connected and informed in today’s fast-paced work environment. A non-desk worker is a person who works outside of a traditional office without a computer and requires a mobile communication solution to create connection and engagement.

Who Are Non-Desk Workers?

These workers are often involved in manual labor, operating machinery, providing patient care, or working with customers. The nature of their work requires them to be highly focused, and any distractions or irrelevant information could lead to a decrease in productivity, engagement, and safety. 

What do Non-Deskers Need to Flourish?

Corporate communication needs to be more relevant, timely, and essential for them to do their job.

The need and desire of non-desk workers not to be distracted by irrelevant messages is why platforms designed around desktop workers, based on feeds and channels, have never gained traction and engagement with non-desk employees. 

Feeds and channels deliver too much noise and don’t align with the needs and work habits of the non-desk workforce.

The Solution – A Structured Mobile Platform

Meeting the needs of non-desk employees requires a highly structured mobile platform that provides targeted communication and engagement with non-desk workers. This platform allows organizations to communicate with their non-desk workers in a controlled and structured manner, ensuring that the information they receive is relevant and essential to their work. 

A structured communication platform limits the distractions and irrelevant information that traditional feeds and channels often bring, making it an ideal solution for non-desk workers. 

At Red e App, we use Shelbe.AI (automated engagement engine) to permission and direct a highly organized and hierarchical system of communication to each employee, where information is filtered and distributed to the right people at the right time. This technology allows organizations to create custom channels and groups, making it easy to automate messages to specific groups of workers based on their roles, project, team members, shifts, locations, and responsibilities. This filtering means that workers only receive relevant information and avoid getting bombarded with irrelevant messages in feeds and channels.

A structured mobile platform must also be user-friendly and accessible, providing non-desk workers with real-time notifications for important messages. This feature is vital for workers working in remote locations, different shifts, or facing a potential safety issue.

Red e App is designed to be a highly structured mobile platform for non-desk workers. It offers a solution for communication and engagement with these workers, providing them with a way to stay connected and informed while eliminating distractions and irrelevant information. 

The platform is user-friendly, accessible, and customizable, making it an ideal solution for organizations looking to enhance the work experience of their non-desk workers. By providing a tailored and structured solution, Red e App helps organizations to communicate effectively with their non-desk workers and ensure they are productive and engaged. Red e App delivers over 80% employee read rates, numbers never attainable with feeds and channels.

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