Customizing Communication Tools Tailored to Your Workforce

The Tool Dilemma


Remember that classic show “Home Improvement” from the 90s? Tim Taylor always had a knack for using the wrong tools in hilarious ways. Well, in the world of business, using the wrong communication tools can have equally amusing (and detrimental) outcomes. You don’t want to be the Tim Taylor of your company, annoying your employees with mismatched tools. Let’s dive into how to avoid those comical communication mishaps and empower your workforce with the right tools.


The Tool Dilemma

Just like Tim’s trusty assistant, Al Borland, had a knack for picking the right tools, you need to choose communication tools that align with your employees’ work style. Is your team desk-bound and craving digital collaboration? Slack and Yammer might be your go-to tools.

But if you’re dealing with non-desk warriors, like those field-based heroes, a tailored tool like Red e App is a better fit. After all, the “Tool Time” show would have been a flop without the right tools – the same goes for your communication strategy.


How NOT to Do It

More Power, Less Communication: A Lesson in What NOT to Do

Ever notice how Tim’s grand plans on “Tool Time” often went awry? Pushing irrelevant info to everyone is just as disastrous. Bombarding your workforce with generic content is like handing them an overflowing file cabinet and saying, “Good luck!” No one wants to sift through that mess. Instead, tailor (double pun intended) your messages by location, role, or shift. Just like a customized tool belt, each employee deserves content that fits snugly.

Measuring Engagement Right

Tim’s famous thumbs-up gesture might work for quirky home improvement, but not for measuring employee engagement. Sure, Facebook likes are cute for cat pics, but they’re a horrible metric for business sentiment. Non-desk workers don’t engage better by simply hitting the like button.


Instead, rely on analytics that provide actionable insights. Just like Tim’s trusty Binford tools, robust analytics are the real powerhouses, drilling down into engagement categories and predicting the success of your initiatives.

In Conclusion: Nail It With the Right Tool

So, where does this leave us? While Tim Taylor’s misadventures were entertaining, you don’t want your company’s communication strategy to become a comedy show. Whether you’re still researching or already knee-deep in tool troubles, Red e App is here to save the day.

Wondering if it’s a match made in “comms heaven” for your company? Take our quick “Is Red e App Right for You?” survey – it’s as snappy as Tim’s quips.

If phone calls are more your style, dial us up at 855-Red e App (855-733-3277). Because just like Tim’s catchphrase “More Power,” we’re all about giving you the right tools to empower your employees and drive your company’s success. After all, when they’re happy, we’re happy – let’s make it a tool-powered success story!