The Red e App Rx: Healing Broken Communication


Ah, the dreaded flu! If you’ve ever experienced the common cold, you know the misery it brings – stuffy head, watery eyes, runny nose, sore throat, achy body. Being the responsible citizen I am, I headed straight to the doctor seeking relief. And guess what? The first question she asked me was, “Where does it hurt?” Communication as easy as it gets – right to the point.

Seems simple, right? Just four words, no big deal. But wait! It struck me how crucial this innocent little question is to uncovering the root of the problem and finding a remedy. Who knew?

So, with meds coursing through my veins and a clearer head, I turned my attention back to the individuals we serve every day here at Red e App. Inspired by the doctor’s wisdom, I began asking them the same question: “Where does it hurt?”

Diagnosing the Communication Ailments

Identifying the Pain Points: Revealing the Woes of Communication

We collaborate with so many different individuals throughout a company’s communication structure. When we first build the relationships with the Directors, Supervisors, and HR Managers within these companies they always have responses like a symphony of challenges, specific to their roles:

“I can’t get messages to reach 70% of the staff.”

“Manager miscommunication is costing our company money.”

“Open enrollment has us screaming for help!”

“I pour my heart into newsletters, but NOBODY READS them.”

“There’s no accountability for distributed information.”

A-ha! These communication ailments were laid bare before me. It’s time to diagnose the core issue: broken communication practices.

The Communication Prescription

Lucky for us, we specialize in communication solutions! Our Red e App team is here to clear out the congestion of the communication and streamline your internal communication structure. Think of us as the sturdy tissue for your stuffy nose. (Aloe-infused, of course, for a touch of extra comfort!)

But just like that follow-up doctor’s visit, we don’t stop at diagnosis and treatment. I urge you to make communication “medicine” a part of your routine. Keep asking your employees for feedback. Are your solutions hitting the mark? Are your communications making their work lives better? By addressing key communication issues, you’ll gain the perfect vantage point to see what needs more love and attention.


Now, let me share some real-life examples of how our “follow-up visits” translate into better communications:

“Employees have to drive to work just to see new job postings!” turns into being able to send job postings each week with our broadcast feature.

There’s been a massive power outage, unexpected construction, or a wreck on the highway? Make sure the affected shifts know of alternate routes with a link or your company’s delayed opening protocol with a PDF resource.

Need to see pay stubs quickly? Yep! We can add that in there too!

New hires constantly asking the same questions can find some comfort in knowing that FAQs are accessible anytime and anywhere in the resources tab.

Red e App Rx

We took the time to ask, “Where does it hurt?” And guess what? Those very pain points are now features in Red e App. We listened, we learned, and we adapted. That’s the secret sauce to delivering the best communication solutions.

So, don’t forget to look inward, too. Examine your team, your processes, your customers, clients, and yes, even yourself. Ask the important question, “Where does it hurt?” Because that’s precisely where you need to put your focus. It’s all about finding the right dosage, the perfect prescription, and providing the much-needed remedy to create a healthy and harmonious work environment. So, embrace the mindset of “where does it hurt?” and with Red e App as your trusty partner, we’ll mend broken communication and pave the way to smooth and effective connections for all.