Jun 26

Unlock Password Security: 3 Tips to Ensure Your Cyber Safety

Let’s face it, password security can be stressful. There is a password for everything, and sometimes it feels like you forget it as soon as you make it. Google performed a study in collaboration with Harris Poll and found that 13% of people reuse the same password across all accounts, and another 52% use the same one for more than one of their online accounts. Only 35% use a different password for every account. Passwords, or people’s lack of a . . .

Nov 5

Profile Customization: Simplify, Streamline, and Manage Employee Profiles with data from your HRIS

Activating Redeapp’s Profile Customization feature can save your team members time, increase profile accuracy, and ultimately, help ensure that the right message goes to the right person.    This feature contains two different types of fields: Managed (automated) fields and Custom User-Populated fields. Using the Managed fields, Redeapp network admins can add profile content for members by referencing the information populated in a network list file.  Benefits of Customizing Member Profiles: Enabling managed fields will automatically populate employees’ profiles with data . . .