Profile Customization: Simplify, Streamline, and Manage Employee Profiles with data from your HRIS

Activating Redeapp’s Profile Customization feature can save your team members time, increase profile accuracy, and ultimately, help ensure that the right message goes to the right person.   

This feature contains two different types of fields: Managed (automated) fields and Custom User-Populated fields. Using the Managed fields, Redeapp network admins can add profile content for members by referencing the information populated in a network list file. 

Benefits of Customizing Member Profiles:

Enabling managed fields will automatically populate employees’ profiles with data from any column in a list file. Some examples include Job Title, Hire Date, Location, Department, Supervisor Name, etc. With Directory enabled, these member profiles are viewable to all employees. Here are just a few benefits of automating profile information: 

  • Ensure that the right message goes to the right person: reference accurate profile information to confirm you’re sending a message to the correct employee (make sure you reach out to George Smith the part-time assistant, not George Smith the CEO).
  • Save time: populate information already provided to the organization and reduce the time needed to set up a Redeapp Profile. Additionally, eliminate the need for employees to manually update information if they have a change in job title or location.
  • Provide Additional Customization Options: select a custom emoji for various fields and create a more custom experience for employees. 

Custom Fields

In addition to automatically populating fields from your list file, you can also create custom fields that employees can populate from their phones. Collecting this information might help provide a manager with insight into how to reward an employee or identify specific preferences they may have. Some examples include: 

  • Primary/preferred language: if you have a multilingual workforce, employees may benefit from knowing which coworkers speak different languages. In healthcare, identifying a Spanish-speaking coworker may help provide better patient care.
  • Culture cornerstone: what makes your organization unique? If your company culture is built on music, have employees share their favorite band. If your company mission statement emphasizes that every employee has a “why”, have them share that in their profile. If safety is centric, add a field where employees can finish the sentence, “I work safely because…”
  • Favorite drink, food, sandwich, etc. – This is a great use case if you work in the food & beverage industry. For example, if you manage a coffee shop, employees may be encouraged to share their favorite drink.

profile customization

Example of Managed and User-Populated Profile Fields. 

Activating Profile Customization benefits all of the members in your network. This feature will increase the utilization of profile information as it will be more accurate, useful, and interesting!

Are you ready to activate these benefits for your organization? For additional help setting up Profile Customization, contact, or your Customer Success Manager.