Mobilize Your Forms

We’ve never been so excited to smash the Publish button on a blog post!

Why are we so excited?

Even in the earliest days of our conversations with customers, we were asked about enabling mobile forms inside of Red e App.

We walked the halls of manufacturing facilities and saw paper forms tacked on bulletin boards. After dropping by the HR manager’s office at a casino, we saw racks and racks of paper forms lining the hallway. And while meeting with employees in break rooms, we couldn’t help but notice little cardboard boxes that encouraged employees to submit feedback by scribbling on a slip of paper and dropping it into a box (let’s be real – that box was probably a black hole).

Red e App has always believed that real communication is two-way. Blasting information in one direction only accomplishes a fraction of what is required to create a culture of engaged, productive, and loyal employees who truly care. Your employees must be able to respond, submit feedback, and otherwise get information back to you.

It’s important for your employees to be informed, yes, but it’s also critical that you – the managers, leaders, and chiefs of the company – are informed. I’ve said it many times – your employees hold some of the most valuable information in your company. They have direct interactions with customers, they are the chief participants in your well-planned processes, and they see things you will never see.

We’ve always supported and defended two-way communication in our mobile platform, but we’re really excited, because Red e App Forms enables 2-way communication on an entirely new level.

Red e App Forms provide and enable…

  1. Accessibility – Gone are the days of waiting. You’ll no longer be waiting to find the right form, fill out a form, or hear back from a completed form. Our forms live inside of the app your employees already have and love, directly on their smartphones. They have access to all the right forms at exactly the right time.
  2. Workflow – Some forms require multiple contingencies, steps, and signoffs. We know these important for your internal workflows, and we’re thrilled to be able to translate digital workflows to streamline your productivity.
  3. Data – The non-desk workforce is one of the biggest information gaps in every company. By moving all of your analog, disjointed forms to a digital platform, you’re also digitizing the data behind the forms. You’ll have an audit trail, accountability, and real insights into company-wide trends.

Red e App is first and foremost a digital highway. We’re in the business of creating a connection between you – the company – and your non-desk workforce. We know that without first establishing a basic digital connection, nothing else matters.

You can send 50 surveys to an employee, but if you send it to Jane’s personal email (and she never checks that email address because she forgot her password), she’ll never complete the survey.

You can load 500 forms on your company’s intranet, but if Jack only has access to that intranet on a computer in the company break room (and he always spends his breaks looking at his phone), you can bet that he’ll never fill out the right form on time.

We’ve always known Step 1 for companies looking to move into the mobile revolution: connecting non-desk employees through Red e App’s digital highway.

Enabling employees to complete forms inside of Red e App is an extension of our mission to connect the disconnected.

Ready to start mobilizing your forms today? Whether you’re an existing customer or you want to build your mobile highway from the ground up, we can help you get started.