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Feb 15

What Company Leaders Need to Know About Their Deskless Workers

While many executives work from an office setting, most of their employees are on the ground floor. In the workforce, these team members are considered “non-desk” or “deskless” workers – those who don’t sit in front of a computer to do their job, don’t have corporate email inboxes, and often have a different set of needs, values, and work patterns than their desk-based counterparts. Despite making up 80 percent of the world’s workforce, these deskless workers have largely gone overlooked . . .

Nov 2

Algood Food Company highlighted in USA Today for pandemic management with Redeapp

When Algood Food Company reached out to Redeapp in the summer of 2020, they knew they needed a better way to communicate with their employees in light of COVID-19 and pandemic management. Just a month after putting Redeapp’s platform in place, they adopted HealthePassport to help with daily health assessments and further manage their employees’ health during this season.  More than 90% of Algood’s employees are connected and using Redeapp on a daily basis to receive critical updates and complete . . .