Operational Efficiency

Feb 27

Dramatically extend the life and reach of your legacy systems easily to 100% of your workforce.

Legacy systems, such as compliance, payroll, benefits, safety, and many more, are critical components of many organizations. These systems are often built around older technologies that can be difficult to use, won’t work on mobile, or need to integrate with newer systems. These legacy platforms can create inefficiencies and reduce productivity, particularly for non-desk workers who do not have access to these systems through traditional desktop channels. Make your legacy systems accessible on mobile. Red e App is designed to . . .

Mar 23

How to avoid message inflation, reply-all nightmares, and message fatigue.

Messaging apps have now joined emails as one of the most overused and abused ways that people communicate in the workplace. As a result of this overuse, many workers have message fatigue and just ignore or refuse to use these mobile platforms that they describe as a nuisance and a distraction. Many frontline employees refuse to use these tools which companies have turned to as a way to communicate with these hard-to-reach non-desk workers who don’t have a corporate email . . .

Feb 1

No company regardless of size can afford poor employee communication

According to David Grossman and Debra Hamilton, the average loss from inadequate communication to and between employees for companies with 100,000 employees is $62.4 billion annually. For companies with 100 employees, the cost of poor communication can be as much as  $420,000 a year. The cost per worker per year due to productivity losses from poor employee communication averages $26,000. If these numbers alone don’t compel you to address this issue, please keep reading.  On average, 48% of employees say . . .

Jan 19

Providing Employees with a Knowledge Base they can access from their Fingertips

Whether your employees are in the field, on the production floor, walking the halls of a hospital, or sitting at home, they frequently need access to work-related documents and resources. Contacting HR or a manager with each resource request is a time drain and frustration for everyone. With Red e App, you can build a library of essential job-related resources so that your employees can access these documents, links, and other content at any time, anywhere. Need ideas on what . . .

Jan 19

Take your Forms with you

Upgrade your processes from pen and paper to digitized forms with Redeapp!  It’s important for your employees to be informed, yes, but it’s also critical that you – the managers, leaders, and chiefs of the company – are informed. Your employees hold some of the most valuable information in your company. They have direct interactions with customers, they are the chief participants in your well-planned processes, and they see things you will never see. Utilizing Redeapp’s Forms will allow your . . .