Real-time employee feedback through surveys

As digital tools have made it easier than ever to gather feedback and aggregate data, employee surveys have soared in popularity in the last few years. The value comes not from the surveys themselves, but from the powerful insights that come from the data and can help shape the future of your organization.

Unfortunately, many of these surveys still have a major problem: accessibility. If you sit at a computer for most of your day, you likely have access to plenty of digital survey tools. But what about your non-desk employees? How are you administering a survey to the finishers on your assembly line or the poker dealers in your casino? It’s not as easy as emailing them a link – as most of them don’t have a company email address, and many of them don’t even have a personal email account that they check with any regularity.

Sending and sharing surveys through Red e App Forms helps you reach a broader audience, gather more feedback, and get a more holistic view of your workforce.

Accessibility is the key to receiving valuable survey data that can move your business forward in a meaningful way.

< Automatically triggered message sent one week after new employee orientation

Not sure where to start? Here are a few surveys you might want to start mobilizing:

Annual Surveys

Many organizations conduct annual/bi-annual Employee Engagement or Employee Satisfaction Surveys. If you’re not yet conducting surveys like this, here’s a great resource for understanding their value. Whether administered by a third party like Culture Amp or CultureIQ, or through your own internal HR team, one of the biggest challenges can be your survey completion rate.

If you only survey 30% of your workforce, the results will be widely skewed.

A recent SHRM article helped articulate the impact of this issue: “The best-performing employees are often so busy that they don’t take time to fill out such surveys… the bulk of the data, therefore [comes from] average- or low-performing employees” (Source). This is even more true with non-desk employees. Without reliable survey access, your results will be heavily skewed to receiving more feedback from your desk-based/salary employees.

How can you improve completion rates? Accessibility! By making your survey available in Red e App, companies like Seminole Gaming have increased their survey responsiveness to 95%+.

Pulse Surveys

It’s great to get feedback from your employees once or twice a year, but it’s even better to have a continuous feedback loop with your employees. “A pulse survey is an assessment designed to quickly elicit feedback from employees to address work-related topics and employee needs. Doing away with lots of complex, formal questions, pulse surveys are the no-frills alternative designed to give you real-time information. These are especially important for organizations with higher turnover.

If your average employee tenure is less than a year, there’s a large percentage of your workforce who may never be surveyed if you rely solely on annual feedback. But once again, accessibility is the key to any successful pulse survey. If the goal of these surveys is to get quick, timely feedback, it’s critical that the survey itself be delivered and completed as quickly as possible. Red e App’s mobile platform makes this happen.

30-60-90 day Surveys

Studies show that about 20 percent of employee turnover happens in the first 90 days of employment (Source). This number is even higher in non-desk dominant industries (hospitality, manufacturing, retail, healthcare). Early intervention through actionable feedback is critical for early-stage employee retention.

These surveys can be a bear to manage if you have to manually send, administer, and analyze them individually. The combination of Red e App Forms + Smart Messages helps automate this process to get you the critical feedback you need. Asking questions about new hire orientation, employee readiness, and opportunities for improvement makes employees feel heard, and it provides you with an opportunity to improve someone’s new hire experience while it’s still happening. After all, if you wait 6 months to intervene, that employee will probably be long gone.

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