May 7

Workrede x Pineapple Academy Partnership

Training made easy: Develop your mobile workforce through the Workrede x Pineapple Academy Partnership As the world continues the shift towards mobile-first point of access, some industries lag in their approach to employee training and development. Essential workers, frontline workers, hourly employees, team members, whatever your term may be, approximately half the working world needs access to information that keeps them safe while at work. Inadequate training for frontline employees can lead to a cascade of issues, impacting both your . . .

Feb 27

Who is the Critical Middle, and why are they vital to running a business in 2023?

The Critical Middle: The Importance of Empowering Middle Managers The Critical Middle, aka Middle Managers, are the backbone of any organization, responsible for executing strategies and ensuring that the organization’s goals are being met. They are the critical link between the top-level management and frontline employees, responsible for interpreting the company’s vision, strategies, and initiatives to their teams. Middle managers are also responsible for ensuring effective change management, implementing process changes, and shaping the company’s culture and protocols. Despite their . . .

Mar 23

How to avoid message inflation, reply-all nightmares, and message fatigue.

Messaging apps have now joined emails as one of the most overused and abused ways that people communicate in the workplace. As a result of this overuse, many workers have message fatigue and just ignore or refuse to use these mobile platforms that they describe as a nuisance and a distraction. Many frontline employees refuse to use these tools which companies have turned to as a way to communicate with these hard-to-reach non-desk workers who don’t have a corporate email . . .

Mar 11

The two primary considerations when maximizing communications

Red e App recently published a whitepaper entitled “Strange Bedfellows: The Convergence of Innovation and Compliance in Long Term Care” – focused on the future of the long-term healthcare workforce, the role technology will play, and why compliance and innovation must coexist. This post is an excerpt from the full document, focusing on the primary considerations when maximizing communications, and is part of a series of blogs that will be released discussing various topics from the whitepaper. There are two . . .

Feb 25

How to communicate effectively to employees during mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions occur in all types of industries and affect employees throughout the organization – from the executive suite to non-desk frontline workers. 2020 was a challenging year, and we saw many mergers for various reasons. Among them were companies looking to expand into new markets, companies looking to grow bigger, and mergers focused on consolidation to reduce cost and increase operations. We also saw events where companies in struggling industries merged as a desperate move to survive. 

Feb 12

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Do you and your employees know what is expected of each other?

Employee satisfaction reigns supreme as one of the key factors for managing turnover in every organization. And much of this starts with employee and employer expectations. At the top of Gallup’s list of Core Elements for Workplace Satisfaction is the phrase, “Do I know what is expected of me at work?”. In order for employees to feel confident in answering yes, the question has to be flipped onto the employer. “Do I know what my employees expect from me?”  There . . .

Jan 19

Providing Employees with a Knowledge Base they can access from their Fingertips

Whether your employees are in the field, on the production floor, walking the halls of a hospital, or sitting at home, they frequently need access to work-related documents and resources. Contacting HR or a manager with each resource request is a time drain and frustration for everyone. With Red e App, you can build a library of essential job-related resources so that your employees can access these documents, links, and other content at any time, anywhere. Need ideas on what . . .

Dec 9

Case Study: East and Westbrook Construction

East and Westbrook’s core business and area of expertise lie in concrete construction, with a focus on long-lasting relationships with their customers, subcontractors, and other business partners. Their team works together as a tight-knit group of safety, quality, and performance-driven professionals. Among other challenges, a lack of real-time communication meant that East & Westbrook had no streamlined way of collecting data from the field. Job site inspections, safety concerns, and other key operational forms all lived on paper and often . . .