Workrede x Pineapple Academy Partnership

Training made easy: Develop your mobile workforce through the Workrede x Pineapple Academy Partnership

As the world continues the shift towards mobile-first point of access, some industries lag in their approach to employee training and development. Essential workers, frontline workers, hourly employees, team members, whatever your term may be, approximately half the working world needs access to information that keeps them safe while at work. Inadequate training for frontline employees can lead to a cascade of issues, impacting both your bottom line and overall operational efficiency.

Workrede and Pineapple Academy are proven to meet employees where they already live and work – on their mobile device – to solve the connection gap crisis. For over a decade, Workrede has provided customers with a secure, singular access point for employees to get their job done more effectively. Pineapple Academy makes it easy for leadership teams to onboard and upskill their employees, reducing the time it takes to be job-ready and saving time and money on training.


Workrede brings the information highway to your employee’s digital front door via a mobile app.

  • Secure, real-time communications and delegated roles
  • Document access and workflow management
  • Labor optimization to increase shift fulfillment
  • Unlocked analytics to assess the pulse of the workforce

Pineapple Academy is the leading frontline training tool for operators, by operators.

  • Career development in a box
  •  Real-time access anywhere, on any device
  • Ready to use or customized for your career progression tracks
  • Easy adherence to regulatory compliance standard

With a shared mission of connecting the people who work with hands, tools, machines, guests and patients, the seamless integration between platforms streamlines connection, engagement and training for your entire organization. 


Here’s how you might leverage this strategic partnership:  

Seamless Integration and Real-Time Communication: Workrede can deliver real-time updates and notifications related to training schedules, content updates, and reminders. This ensures that employees are always aware of upcoming training sessions and any changes in the schedule​​.

Training and Development Modules: Utilize The Pineapple Academy’s structured learning modules, which can be accessed via Workrede. These platforms support a range of content delivery methods including video tutorials, quizzes, and interactive modules, making the training process more engaging for employees​​.

Engagement and Feedback Tools: Implement tools like pulse surveys and real-time feedback mechanisms within Workrede. This allows employees to provide immediate feedback on training sessions, which can help in refining the content and delivery methods based on actual user experience​​.

Mentoring and Support: Establish a mentoring system where new hires or less experienced employees are paired with more experienced colleagues. Mentors can guide newcomers through the training modules on Pineapple Academy, enhancing learning through one-on-one support​​.

Tracking and Reporting: Use Workrede’s capabilities to track employee progress through training modules provided by Pineapple Academy. This helps in identifying areas where employees excel or may need additional help, allowing for targeted interventions to improve skills and knowledge retention​​.

Community Building: Foster a sense of community among employees by using Workrede to create forums and discussion groups where employees can discuss course materials, share insights, and help each other in understanding complex topics. Enhance learning and build a supportive environment.

Compliance and Security: Ensure that all training related to health or sensitive areas is compliant with relevant regulations such as HIPAA, if applicable. Workrede and Pineapple adhere to strict security standards, ensuring that all data shared and communicated through the platform is secure and compliant with industry regulations​​.

To learn more about our partner ecosystem check out our partnership page or if you’d like to explore how you might leverage the Pineapple Academy + Workrede partnership, let’s set up a time to connect