Case Study: East and Westbrook Construction

East and Westbrook’s core business and area of expertise lie in concrete construction, with a focus on long-lasting relationships with their customers, subcontractors, and other business partners. Their team works together as a tight-knit group of safety, quality, and performance-driven professionals.

Among other challenges, a lack of real-time communication meant that East & Westbrook had no streamlined way of collecting data from the field. Job site inspections, safety concerns, and other key operational forms all lived on paper and often never made it out of a foreman’s truck.

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Deploying Red e App was a game-changer for East & Westbrook. Putting the right digital tools in every employee’s hands transformed the way they communicate and provided insights into their business like never before.

A particularly game-changing form was their “Good Catch” form. They’ve seen a 73% increase in form submission since implementation, which has significantly increased visibility into issues regarding accident prevention, quality, and liabilities in a highly dispersed workforce. An incident is 2.5x more costly than stopping to document and correct a potential issue. In addition to making workflows more efficient, simplifying permitting, saving time, and increasing productivity, digital forms have given East & Westbrook unprecedented insights into patterns across the organization. They are now able to identify consistent issues and successes with specific work crews, project managers, and job sites. Pattern identification allows them to take strategic actions to make the organization more efficient & develop stronger leaders. No more word of mouth and bottlenecks!

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What does Jonathan Westbrook, President of East and Westbrook, think about Redeapp?

“East & Westbrook originally sought out Redeapp as a solution to improve communication with our workforce, a majority of whom do not have company email. Instead of keeping and updating a database of employee home and mobile phone numbers, we are able to quickly and easily communicate directly with individual employees, project teams, departments, or the entire company. The engagement on the app has exceeded our highest expectations. But with additional support from Redeapp, we were able to take the platform a step further and digitize our most frequently used reports and forms. Now we have almost every communication tool at the fingertips of any employee who would need access, and when they utilize these forms, they are seamlessly distributed to our management team. Redeapp has provided a huge boost to our information sharing and efficiency in a few short months of adoption.”

East & Westbrooks construction case study

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