Is Red e App mobile employee engagement suitable for small businesses with less than 200 employees?

America’s workforce is in a state of flux, with talent shortages, increasing competition, and technological disruption, there is a greater need than ever before for mobile employee engagement. Small businesses, especially those with non-desk workers, must embrace new employee communication tools and strategies to avoid being left behind, improve efficiency, drive productivity, and increase profitability.

Small businesses account for over fifty percent of the American workforce and are the backbone of our economy. But small businesses are faced with many obstacles that larger companies don’t have to face, chiefly that the business owner must wear many hats, including managing HR, IT, and finance. Add to these responsibilities staffing shortages, increased competition, regulatory and compliance issues, and it is a wonder that the business owner ever has time to focus on growing the business, let alone think about mobile employee engagement.

So how then can a small business create the time to focus on and pursue growth and new business opportunities? The answer is mobile employee engagement.

The solution is to create an effective internal communication strategy. Mobile employee engagement won’t address all the challenges small businesses are facing. Still, it will free up your time and help to ensure that your entire workforce, including non-desk employees, are working towards the company goals, making the right decisions, are engaged and motivated.

Red e App customer experience and research from Gallup, Forbes, and The Work Institute have shown that engaged employees lead to greater efficiency, less turnover, higher quality, and improved customer service.

So why then are not all small companies developing a communication strategy to achieve these measures, which are critical to their success?

A straightforward answer is that the owner is too busy putting out fires to focus on internal communications and mobile employee engagement; they fail to realize that they will free up time across the company for their entire workforce by focusing on this one issue. By providing mobile employee engagement, our customers have shown that they can free up thirty minutes a day for frontline workers, two hours for managers, and two hours for owners.

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Mobile employee engagement with Red e App.


What other small investment could a company make that would have a more significant impact than offering mobile employee engagement with Red e App?

The answer is none.

Red e App is so easy to implement that your entire company can be connected and communicate in minutes. Red e App requires no equipment purchases since it uses the mobile cloud and employees’ mobile phones to deliver the communication and mobile employee engagement.

This makes it ideal for communicating across the company, including non-desk workers, without company email. Red e App is also secure and compliant, which most social messaging apps and platforms are not, so you don’t have to worry about bad actors accessing sensitive company information. 

What types of business or industries is Red e App mobile employee engagement ideal for?

Any company that wants to communicate with and connect to its non-desk workforce is perfect for Red e App. Our customers range in size from fifteen employees to over fifteen thousand. We have repeatedly proven that the benefit of engaging employees is a goal that any company, regardless of size, can benefit from in many ways.

Our customers’ industries include healthcare, senior living, manufacturing, construction, mining, gaming, retail, hospitality, logistics, and transportation. What our customers have in common is a significant number of non-desk employees requiring connection and engagement.

The benefits that these companies receive from using Red e App extend well beyond communication, engagement, and connection to include: higher employee retention than their competitors, less turnover, a safer workplace, more accessible access to training, shift fulfillment and labor pooling, productivity improvement, automation, time savings, and the digital transformation of the non-desk workforce.

Cost savings from adding mobile employee engagement range from tens of thousands of dollars for our smaller customers to millions per year for the largest.

Specific benefits our customers have shown include an increase of 15% in employee retention across long-term care employees: improved safety, and a reduction of 10% in injury claims. On average, time savings equate to at least one hour per employee a day across the entire workforce and two hours for managers. They also have improved employee satisfaction scores across all industries and sizes of companies.

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Will having a mobile employee engagement platform help me with hiring and retaining Millennials and Gen Z workers?

As an increasing percentage of employees naturally shifts to Millennials and Gen Z, this workforce requires a mobile-first approach to employee communications. These digital natives grew up using their mobile phones for communication. A recent survey conducted by Instantly showed that 80 percent of people use texting for business. By leveraging Red e App, small companies can quickly and easily share important and relevant information with these employees in the natural way they receive their information. Red e App provides the connection this workforce needs without compromising security.

With Red e App, you will be able to measure which of your managers are good at communicating with their teams and which require more training. Providing accessible mobile employee engagement and communication will build connections with Millennials and Gen Z and will go a long way to attracting and retaining them.

What impact will Red e App make in my business?  Here are a few quotes from our satisfied customers:

“East & Westbrook initially sought out Red e App as a solution to improve communication with our workforce, a majority of whom do not have company email. Instead of keeping and updating a database of employee home and mobile phone numbers, we can communicate directly, quickly, and easily with individual employees, project teams, departments, or the entire company.

The engagement on the mobile employee engagement and communication app has exceeded our highest expectations. But with additional support from Red e App, we were able to take the platform a step further and digitize our most frequently used reports and forms. Now we have almost every communication tool at the fingertips of any employee who would need access. When they utilize these forms, they are seamlessly distributed to our management team. Red e App has provided a huge boost to our information sharing and efficiency in a few short months of adoption.”

Jonathan Westbrook, President, East & Westbrook


“Red e App is allowing Legend to fulfill our commitment to communicate with associates on a regular basis and in a meaningful and familiar way. We are now able to have immediate and direct communication with the frontline, not relying on community leadership to deliver the message. We are a more connected company now!

Dan Loon, VP, Legend Senior Living


“Could not live without it!”

“From the JUMP, partnering with the employees at Red e App, the greatest partner in all the land, to the execution & education of new concepts, (i.e., Forms, surveys, Shifts, thoughts on new ways to utilize Red e App, etc.) The experience has been ever-changing while deepening our employee’s experience. Our operation has been changed for the better because of this platform.”

Kristen Kaelin, Talent Management Leader, HJI Supply Chain Solutions

With 2022 upon us, now is the time to consider if you are focusing enough on maximizing your employees and your approach to workforce management. We are offering a FREE 30 day trial of Red e App, and we would be happy to answer any of your questions. We can be reached at Red e or give us a call at 502.442.6170.

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Communications Director
Red e App

Before joining Red e App as Communications Director, Jim acted as Chief Creative Officer for some of the country’s largest brand agencies. As a creative agency owner and Vice-Chairman, Jim has led the marketing efforts for many of the world’s most well-known brands, including Budweiser, British Airways, Philip Morris, Hanes, Mars, Miller, JOOP!, PepsiCo, Siemens, and many more. His campaigns for Miller, Shoney’s, Hanes, and Wachovia set historical marks for the highest scores achieved to date.