Communication, Rewards, and Recognition for Non-Desk Employees

Recently, our CEO, Jonathan Erwin, was a guest speaker at the Terryberry Webinar discussing communication, rewards, and recognition for non-desk employees. Attached you will find a link to a recording of the event, as well as a link to the Red e App website where you can find more information on how to connect with these essential workers.

Below is a recent quote from Jonathan about employee engagement and connecting the entire workforce.

“Non-desk workers are connected; now more than any time in history, thanks to smartphones and the mobile cloud, they are connected to friends, family, and co-workers, they just aren’t connected to the company they work for. It is time for companies to be the connection.”

Red e App is currently offering a FREE 60 day trial for our bronze package with no credit card required and no strings attached, making it easy to discover the impact that engaging your entire workforce can make.