Employee Retention

Dec 21

5 Strategies for Improved Employee Retention in the Home Health Care Industry

Are employee turnover and staffing shortages leading to employee retention issues that are preventing your home healthcare organization from realizing its full potential? Gallup, McKinsey, and BCG have all shown that engaging employees can lead to increased retention and improved productivity and efficiency. These increases are because engaged employees are typically more motivated, committed, and invested in their work, which can lead to improved performance and better employee retention. Employee retention can be challenging in the home healthcare industry due . . .

Dec 8

High turnover, how to improve employee retention in 2023

The unprecedented high turnover companies are currently experiencing has many names, the BigQuit, the Great Resignation, the Titanic Turnover, and the Great Reshuffle. Regardless of what youcall it, this trend has been going on for over ten years and shows no sign of slowing. In fact, according to Katherine Ross’ interview with ZipRecruiter CEO Ian Siegel, the “post-pandemic job-seeker” is here to stay. So what can you do to improve employee retention and reduce turnover? According to Statista, over 4 . . .