Introducing Workrede: A Message from the CEO

Embracing the New Era of Mobile Work: Introducing Workrede

By: Jonathan Erwin, CEO

Founded in 2011, and formerly known as “Red e App,” our growth journey allowed us to innovate, grow and adapt in a new ‘working world.’

Mobile work (working individuals who use their mobile device as a single point of access) is real, it’s growing, and it continues to be one of the largest addressable markets on the planet. The time is right and the team is ‘red e’! We are proud to introduce Workrede – a modern mobile work platform

The name “Red e App” was fresh and appealing when the “app” economy was new and growing, but the markets are evolving and we are now offering far more than simply downloading an “app” from your local app store. Workrede is leading and will continue to lead meaningful transformation in organizations that are driven by work that is not conducted at a desk, workstation, or on a computer screen. In fact, “mobile work” includes specific features based on behaviors and specialized needs which include: communication, engagement, workflow automation, labor optimization, and even the concept of work communities. With a new appreciation and awareness of what is possible, companies and industries alike – that are powered by human participation – are improving their businesses and operating at new levels of efficiency and predictability. Technology built for the mobile worker is a new frontier that is changing the landscape for businesses looking to capitalize on a previously under-leveraged segment of the workforce. Considering large cultural shifts, more advanced smartphones, and the near-term impact of AI – it isn’t hard to imagine a world where mobile work in human-driven industries radically reshapes a world of possibilities and new economic opportunities with purposeful engagement, meaningful participation, and new found efficiencies.

Mobile work bridges an existing gap to traditional problems of siloed communication, systems, data and walled IT gardens and connects those who are on the fringes, left to their own devices (so to speak) and largely unconnected to business success.

The shift to the name Workrede is a tip of the hat to our legacy of “rede”ness – and the change starts now.  We are a company founded in the heartland of the U.S. that has a rich history of building economies and communities with people that work with their hands, machines, tools or in service or care of others and we have been trusted the world over with both engaging and optimizing the mobile working world.

I want to thank you for your continued support of an idea that became our passion and is now a meaningful business to people and organizations the world over. I also want to thank our dedicated and passionate team for helping to make this transition possible, while continuing to stay focused on growth, support and results as part of their daily work.  

Please find a couple links above and below – one to our new website, look, feel and brand and the other to a YouTube site hosting new introductory and support videos..  So, welcome to a new world of mobile opportunity.

Welcome to Workrede – Connected Success!